Frequently Asked Question's

Can we smoke on the bus?

ALL Ground 5 Transportation vehicles are nonsmoking.

We do make smoke stops.

How many people can fit on the bus?

The G5 Party Bus seats 20 people. Sitting & standing on the bar or on the entry stairwell is NOT permitted.

Is there a deposit?

We do require a nonrefundable $259.22 deposit to secure your booking. $250.00 of the deposit does go towards your balance. The remaining balance is due in cash at pickup. 

Can we book 2 hours or a 1 way?

Bookings Sunday - Thursday, day & night require a 3 hour minimum. Bookings on Friday & Saturday that begin & end before 6pm also require a 3 hour minimum. Bookings on Friday & Saturday that begin after 6pm require a 4 hour minimum. 

Can we make multiple stops?

Some parties stay on the bus, but most go to restaurants, lounges, clubs or wineries. Multiple stops can be made IF they are on the itinerary provided to us before the booking date. This allows us to ensure your trip is within the allotted mileage & paid hours, so you do not incur any additional fees. This also cuts down on the confusion & miscommunication the day or night of your booking.  

How do I know how much time to request?

When booking with G5 your booking time begins at your pickup time and ends at your drop off time. All time between spent at restaurants, lounges, clubs, wineries is to be included. Be sure to factor in travel time. Keep in mind you will be on a bus and not a car, so it will naturally take a little longer to get to your destinations.

Not sure where to go? After paying your G5 deposit, upon request you will receive access to our G5 list of recommended places to go! (includes breweries, wineries, family fun places, clubs & lounges) We are available to help you build your party from the ground up!